Honoring Indigenous Roots

I know there are many people out there who when you ask them where they are from they mention where their parents or grandparents are from. In the Latin/Hispanic community, most people would say like Mexico for example and then give their lineage history which usually involved Europe. Yet there are some people who somehow seem to neglect to mention their indigenous roots. I can understand why because since the world started to be colonized by various powerful countries like Spain, it degraded and insulted this who were indigenous. We still see this today occurring which is unbelievable considering how long ago such treatment seems.

Like in Honduras, from what I have seen and experience, most people would say insults like “son de la montaña” (they are from the mountains) or “son un dirá flecha” ( they throw arrows) to people who don’t have more European features. Sometimes the way they speak or dressed is degraded and said to not be proper. But honestly what even is proper or normal anyways. People need to accept their indigenous roots so they can unite and fight against such ignorance. To remember the ancestors that may have fought the same battle in the past and win. Because if people forget where they come from and how they got to be now, then everything will be forgotten and gone.

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  1. Have you down for all the blog posts this round, amiga. Keep up the great writing.

    With this piece, I think you can see the arguments Profe Cintli makes about how Latinx folks have been de-Indigenized, or coerced to forget their native roots. His book is a project to recover this, to honor ancestry, and also the peoples of the Americas, a kind of decolonial project.


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